Verne wants ice cream

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I spent Saturday with my daughter and grandchildren.

We certainly had a lot of fun!

Tucker's very favourite spots in the house is at the top of the couch.

He can see into the living and dining rooms 

and he can see out the front window onto Dog beach.

Hey-Joe is often just below him 

laying down to watch the telly.

I walked the beach last weekend and got a selfie...

I am happy with the way it came out

I don't look too bad for a 56 year old grandmother. 

~ ~ ~


  1. Who doesn't want ice cream?? Yum!

  2. You are beautiful! Such a good picture. And no, I would never have guessed that you are a grandmother.

  3. We are close in age, and I am still a few years off from grandchildren … so I take pleasure in watching other people enjoy theirs, and dreaming of the fun without the 24-hour responsibility - LOL! You do look fabulous, darling! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday and sharing your joy.

  4. I'm with Verne on the ice cream!

    And your selfie is simply lovely, relaxed, and serene ...

  5. Ooohhh.....a beach selfie. Love it! I'm 59 and thankfully not a Grammy yet! ( the. Again my daughters are only 25 and 20 so not ready yet!!) I'm with the grand boy about ice cream!! Yum!!

  6. It's always cherished time spent with the grandchildren.

    Happy May days to you, and a cute photo of you. : )


  7. Haven't seen you posting so just wondering how life is treating you. Probably busy with work. Miss seeing your posts.


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