one morning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the good

Tucked in along the driveway rocks

the first tiny flowers of the season


the fun

Beyond Walls at the Lynn train station


the random

The cement barrier has been removed from the path to the beach

which means that winter is surely over.



  1. Surely.
    Only I can't rid myself of the memory of April blizzards in seasons past.
    But maybe not this year . . .?

  2. I find myself looking for signs of spring at this time of year too! Glad you could find some.

  3. on the flowers; tiny to be sure. Very nice photo.

  4. Such cute little flowers, they look a bit like tiny daisies. LOVE the love mural!!

  5. I think you have lovely photos. And pretty much everyone in the Northern Hemispere are ready for winter to be done!

  6. That wall is awesome! The warm weather this weekend was a tease!

  7. Woo hoo, all your lovely photos say, "Winter is over!" although it got pretty chilly here the last few days and it might snow.

  8. celebrating a new england springtime with you, friend ...

    isn't today glorious?

    i do believe we made it through winter!

  9. The "LOVE" wall at the train station is delightful. That's a great photo. : )



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