5 days in my kitchen

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the fun

We have a rocking chair in the kitchen by the window.

It's quite sunny there and of a Saturday morning

I often find myself with a cup of tea and a good read.

the good

I picked up a bunch of daisies from the market last week.

I don't see them there very often.

Normally it's carnations or chrysanthemums. 

Daisies were a lovely treat and made me think of the warm weather to come.


the random

My Joe -or HeyJoe as he is known by little Verne.


  1. My sunny spot is in the dining room at the table. I have a good view of the bird feeders and of whatever is going on outside for weather. It's a good thinking spot.

  2. What fun the first picture is. And I cannot think of doing anything better, with your lovely kitchen as a backdrop. AND you have managed to actually make a daisy even prettier than it is! Very cool pictures!

  3. Daisies remind me of my mom. I'm glad you got a bunch of them from the market. : )



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