Family Friday

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I didn't get here last week...I had a rough week

some weeks are like that.

So here is a compilation from the past two weeks. 

We went to Joey's basketball game.


The Patriots won the Superbowl...again.

On Tuesday the parade went right past the building that I work in...again.

It's pretty exciting and pretty crazy!

So many people!


 I took my daughter, Bonnie, and my two grandchildren to a LEGO train exhibit

at a small museum nearby.

They have model trains set up everywhere and Verne was in absolute heaven.

He was shaking he was so excited!


I also got to play with sweet little Abigail Rose!

She is smiling now and so darn cute.

Bonnie tells me she still doesn't sleep so well at night...

but she sure is cute during the daytime!


  1. Not an easy week for you. I'm sorry for the loss of your stepdaughter, Kara. Grief seems to sneak up on us, ignoring the passage of time. I hope things smooth out at work for you. That baby! That smile! Thankful for those moments of grace for you. xo

  2. I thought you are a preschool teacher? Maybe I'm mixing you up with a different blogger. Preschools aren't even OPEN for more than 7 hrs are they? My students arrive at 8:45 and the buses get there again by 1-1:15 pm!
    Hope it works out for you to reduce to your regular schedule.

    Yeah dave and i just knew the Pats ( yay!) would win so we didn't watch the game.l.lwe can't stand football. Now the Red Sox ....we def watch!!!! 💕😀

    Those cheeks on the baby!!! So precious!

    Havea good weekend.

  3. Abigail Rose is so cute! How fun to have the Super Bowl parade pass right by you window. Anniversaries of a loved one's death are so hard. I hope the ten-hour day will be just a one-time thing. I don't blame you - I wouldn't want to work that long a shift, too.

  4. Abigail Rose, you are so sweet. I remember well the basketball games that my son played. They were fun times. I'm so sorry you're mourning your step-daughter. This is such a cute picture of her. I hope your work schedule changes the way you want it to.


  5. I hope you can come to a good solution at your work for not having to work a 10 hour shift.
    I am so sorry still about your step daughter. (Has it been that long??) and no, the grief doesn't go away. I pray for you to be comforted.

  6. Anniversaries of loved one's passings are difficult. No one would fault you for the emotions this month brings.

  7. Our youngest granddaughter lives for Legos these days so she would have enjoyed the train exhibit. Thanks so much for sharing the fun times out of your week.

  8. You had some sweet times with grandchildren. Such a treat to see them and watch them grow. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  9. Sorry to hear you've had a rough week. I'm not sure if your post was edited or if others know you on a different platform but I see from the comments it was the anniversary of losing your step daughter. These times are often difficult especially when it seems you are also working long shifts. Hopefully though your cute grandchildren lessen the pain. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I'm sorry about your rough week. Verne looks so happy! And Abigail Rose is so cute. All our guys loved Legos.

  11. I'm sorry your week was rough. Focus on those sweet grandchildren. I have a grandson who would be shaking with Lego excitement too. So much fun to watch them. And Abigail Rose is so adorable!!

  12. Sorry the week was so hard. But nothing like precious grandchildren to help make us smile. My dayhome kids would love a lego train exhibit. How fun!


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