25 February

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the good:

Hopie and Abigail

She is starting to wake up and laugh and I see myself in her 

it's such a surreal experience. 

I love her so much.

the fun:

I took Verne, Abigail and Bonnie to the Wenham museum a few weeks ago.

It's all about model trains! He kept tapping a lady nearby and saying,

"I'm having so much fun!"

the random:

 Broccoli and cheddar frittata, sliced pears
leftover winter squash lasagne
French lentil bowl with creamy mustard vinaigrette

smoked salmon and avocado English muffin, sliced pears
leftover French lentil bowl
Pasta with roasted vegetables and feta

Spring frittata, strawberries
leftover pasta and veggies
Chicken with roasted vegetables, salad

smoked salmon and cream cheese English muffin, strawberries
leftover chicken and veggies
work meeting/dinner provided

Irish steel cut oats with pistachios and fruit
Irish boiled chicken dinner in crockpot

scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese
Lemon chicken soup with dill and orzo, fresh bread, salad


  1. "I'm having so much fun."
    Can you even stand all that wonder and sweetness? What a gift to experience that with your dear boy--and to read about it today!

  2. She is so beautiful, and DOES remind me of you. yYour meals always sound so good, and well rounded. The first few years after we were married, I planned my meals a week at a time like this. But I haven't done it in a long time. I am trying to get back to it, it makes cooking so much easier to know what and when you are making.

  3. Love those beautiful brown eyes. She looks so scrunchable and huggable doll baby.


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