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I always like to give the house a good sweeping out on Hogmany.

It seems an good time for clearing out the crumbs of the last year

and coming into the new year spic and span. 

I've chosen my word for the year...


As soon as I let it settle down into my heart I began to feel lighter

I made my commitment to let go of some of the things I've been holding tight to.

I cannot save the world

that job is already taken.

So I swept out the old bits of sand and sparkle

 I took down the tree

and all but one light from the windows


someday I may be ready to release Ashley, my step-daughter

"should auld acquaintance be forgot..."

For now it is enough to be thankful for the family and friends

that love me and hold me dear

and put away the sorrow 

My heart has rooms that sigh with dust
And ashes in the hearth.
They must be cleaned and blown away
By daylight's breath.
But I cannot essay the task,
For even dust to me is dear;
For dust and ashes still recall,
My love was here.

Steven R. Donaldson

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  1. Kara, what a lovely new year's post. You make me want to grab my broom and get to work.

    But I think I'd rather sit here with your thoughtful words.

    Like these, right here -->
    'I cannot save the world
    that job is already taken.'

    Looking forward to many visits with you in the months ahead. Happy New Year ...

  2. I have never heard of Hogmany, and had to look it up. A Scottish tradition. Letting go is so hard! And you are so wise. The poem is simply beautiful, I shall copy it. Your writing is so beautiful today. God may still have plans for you and your step daughter, I will pray that it works out.


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