Happy days

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the fun

I dug up an old photo of my daughter so that I could compare it to her daughter. 

I think there is a remarkable resemblance!

the good

Joe and I take the train into Boston to work each morning. 

I get off at Bowdoin station in Beacon Hill

and this little tree is all alit for me

early on the morning of Christmas Eve

with a light snow falling ~

the random

A few weeks ago my mum treated me to a visit to one of our favorite places.

The Isabella Stewart Gardener museum.

It was all decked for the holidays 

and John Singer Sargent's painting of 

Gretchen Osgood Warren and her daughter, Rachel

was on display in the Gothic room.

It is on temporary loan from the  MFA. 

It was painted in that room and we could see the chairs they sat in 

and all of the other items that were in the painting.

Everything in the Isabella Stewart Museum must stay exactly as it is 

per her wishes. 


  1. They do look alike!! What a good idea this was. Your early morning snow picture with the pretty little tree is beautiful! It looks like the snow has stopped in mid-air.

  2. I need to get over to the Gardner!!

  3. Especially enjoy that comparative photo! I should do this with my son and his son. I think we have a clone . . .


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