a lady's desk

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I've been longing for snow. 

There's no sign of any in the near future

I have no doubt that we will have our fair share of it soon enough

so for now I will just have to wait....


I've had this Little table for about 5 years now. 

It was a cast off from my mum when she downsized.

I use it as a diminutive desk

and place an odd jaberwocky of things upon it. 

seashells and stones collected from walks on the beach,

books that I've half-read, a funny looking plant that my daughter gave me 

and a hobbit-ish pipe that turned up in a box when we moved here.

The little gnome fellow has become a favorite of our cat, Tucker,

and I'm afraid he plays with it quite fiercely.

I'm not sure if the little thing will last till Christmas...

Tucker tosses it up into the air and then stands on his hind paws to catch it.  


I was in a rather nasty car accident on Friday evening. 

There were no injuries , praise God,

but my car is out of working order for...well....we don't really know yet.

We'll be Ubering it to the train station .in the morning

and catching a bus to get home.

Hopefully, it will be a quick and painless fix.

There you have it...the good, the fun, and the random

though I'm not really sure how much of them I have offered here. 


  1. Oh my! I bet you were quite shook up! We had an accident last year, and I shook for quite a few days after. I am so glad you are alright. What a bad time of the year to have to rely on different kinds of transportation; I hope your car is fixed soon. I love your little desk. Each item on it is in the perfect place to make a totally charming effect. It looks a bit timeless.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you were in a car accident. So glad you're ok. It's crazy out there right now with the traffic. Your little desk is charming and even more special that it belonged to your mom. The desk I use for bills and such was my mom's too, and I've never been able to part with it. Love your little gnome. : )


  3. i'm grateful that you're safe and sound after your accident.

    and your desk is so pretty and inviting ... so many fun bits and pieces to explore.


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