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Happy days

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the fun

I dug up an old photo of my daughter so that I could compare it to her daughter. 
I think there is a remarkable resemblance!

the good

Joe and I take the train into Boston to work each morning. 
I get off at Bowdoin station in Beacon Hill
and this little tree is all alit for me
early on the morning of Christmas Eve
with a light snow falling ~

the random

A few weeks ago my mum treated me to a visit to one of our favorite places.
The Isabella Stewart Gardener museum.
It was all decked for the holidays 
and John Singer Sargent's painting of 
Gretchen Osgood Warren and her daughter, Rachel
was on display in the Gothic room.
It is on temporary loan from the  MFA. 
It was painted in that room and we could see the chairs they sat in 
and all of the other items that were in the painting.
Everything in the Isabella Stewart Museum must stay exactly as it is 
per her wishes. 

Keeping Sabbath

But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

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family Friday

I work in Beacon Hill, Boston and it is slow during the holiday season
as many of the children I care for are away on holiday or with visiting family. 
So, I got out early for a few days and did some Christmas shopping.
I love to be in the city at Christmas time. 
So much beautiful sparkle!

Abigail Rose
Christmas baby...born on 17 December.

We had our family Christmas at my house on Saturday.
It was a wonderful day.
The food was delicious. The gifts were wonderful. 
The Christmas parade went by our house and we all watched from the windows!
But mostly, the company was loved and happy. 

My daughter, Hannah was there on Saturday.
She is studying and working and interning....
so, I don't get to see her very often.
It was such a treat to see her.

On Christmas day we went to my daughter and son-in-law's house.
I got to cuddle with my two favorite little grandchildren.

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A mother's love

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Christmas Eve

the good
My beautiful granddaughter 
Abigail Rose
was born 17 December!

the fun

At the hospital she was wearing a fun little Christmas hat!

the random
Her brother, Verne, loves her to pieces already.

The happiest Christmas gift

Welcome to the world

Abigail Rose

family Friday

We came home from work the other day to find this strange dog on our front walkway. 
We have no idea who left it there.

Beacon hill is all dressed up for Christmas
and I love taking a little walk about after work. 

Four years ago while I was a student at the local community college
I signed a waiver allowing them to use my photograph.
Who could have guessed that it would hanging on the wall 
bigger than life all this time?
My daughter is now doing an internship here
and walks past my photo every day on the way to her office!
Ha! Your mother is always watching.

This is the snow person that we made in my class full of toddlers.
She looks a bit like a tourist whose been drinking on an island beach all day.
We are having a friendly contest with all of the other classes.

I was going through some old Christmas photographs and came across
this of my sister and I. 
I'm the brunette on the left. 
The only one smiling...I guess I've always loved Christmas.

Do you want to build a snowman

This is the snowman that my class of toddlers made for our center wide 
snowman competition.
The painted her their favorite colours.
She looks a bit like a tourist whose been drinking on some island beach all day. 

Oh little town

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O little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie
above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by
yet in thy dark streets shineth the ever lasting light
the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.

a lady's desk

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I've been longing for snow. 
There's no sign of any in the near future
I have no doubt that we will have our fair share of it soon enough
so for now I will just have to wait....
I've had this Little table for about 5 years now. 
It was a cast off from my mum when she downsized.
I use it as a diminutive desk
and place an odd jaberwocky of things upon it. 
seashells and stones collected from walks on the beach,
books that I've half-read, a funny looking plant that my daughter gave me 
and a hobbit-ish pipe that turned up in a box when we moved here.
The little gnome fellow has become a favorite of our cat, Tucker,
and I'm afraid he plays with it quite fiercely.
I'm not sure if the little thing will last till Christmas...
Tucker tosses it up into the air and then stands on his hind paws to catch it.  
I was in a rather nasty car accident on Friday evening. 
There were no injuries , praise God,
but my car is out of working order for...well....we…