Go outside Saturday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mist in the morning raw and nippy

leaves on the pavement wet and slippy


raining and cool as I came up out of Government center on the T into city hall plaza

Yellow leaves on black trunked trees

against the backdrop of the golden dome

of Faneuil Hall's Quincy market.

Brown and red oak leaves littering the bricks.

I had just a moment to duck down for a picture

before I crossed over Cambridge on my way to work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I do love dropping in to see you, Kara. It's like heading over to visit a neighbor just across the way.

    Which you are ...


  2. That's an amazing picture you grabbed on the fly!

  3. Wow, this picture is so amazing, it has everything! Unbelievable that you just had a second to snap. First I saw the beautiful yellow trees, then the shiny rainy sheen of the brick pavement. And then the added surprise of the golden dome!

  4. our youngest son and dil just visited Boston and raved about the good time they had -- it looks lovely there -- wonderful picture!!! I will try to link up to this meme -- it looks to be right up my alley!


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