Family Friday

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Saturday morning poured down driving rain

and Saturday afternoon the wind came up over the Atlantic and crashed against the house

But I was warm and dry puttering about the kitchen and making muffins.


Saturday night we turned the clocks back.

I like the low light of an early evening.

I love that everyone is home and tucked in tight...

and the lights from other island houses

or lights from houses into Marblehead and Swampscott

twinkle across the sea to tell us

that they too are gathered together.

Geese and ducks fly by low in the sunset

landing in the field to roost.

And night comes early so we climb into warm blankets

and rest our heads on soft pillows.


My nana's candelabra

my nana used it, my mum used it, and now it graces my table.


I think that Autumn has the most spectacular sunrises/sunsets.

It's as if God is gracing us with abounding beauty before

sending us forth into the cold winter.

He knows that winter can be stark so he sends us Autumn's riotous colour.


I had an impromptu dinner with my daughter, Hannah, on Tuesday evening.

I quickly whipped up some pasta with diced tomatoes, peppers, and onions

and we dined by candlelight at the kitchen table.

The picture above is of her at my mum's house

one Thanksgiving about 5 years ago.

When Joe got home he and I went to go vote

and Hannah left to go to a conference at Salem State University

where she is getting her masters.

I don't get to see her very often as she is so busy

so it was a real treat for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. How fun to have dinner with your college girl!
    I love autumn but am counting the days until Winter Solstice because i do NOT like it getting dark before my hubby comes home from work! Ha!! And it shortens my time on hikes!! But the colors of autumn are truly some of God's best handiwork.
    Happy weekend

  2. Hannah is beautiful! And the candelabra is so lovely ad versatile. It can be decorated for any season and occasion. Your sunset is gorgeous!! You even caught a bird! And I really like your thoughts about fall being so gorgeous just before winter sets. I totally agree about fall sunsets. Your words paint such lovely pictures for me, always! But I do not like the time change, I so much miss the light!!

  3. I don't like it getting dark so early, but I love the poetic way you describe darker evenings. It's so nice to be able to use something both your mom and Nana used. Nice that you could have an impromptu dinner with your daughter!

  4. How nice that you and your beautiful daughter had an evening together. I agree with you about the days getting darker earlier. It does feel so cozy.

  5. Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed my time here, lovely to meet you! Visiting from Faith n friends linkup today.
    Here in Australia it's Spring, we are enjoying crazy weather of warm days of Spring mixed with cold days left over from winter. I live by the sea too!

    You're most welcome to drop by for a cuppa,

  6. What a delightful family Friday! Autumn is my favorite time of year.

  7. Autumn is also my favorite time of year, and in the deep south, it is not such an obvious change as I remember growing up in the north. So, anytime I get to snuggle in to autumn by reading how others capture it so vividly just puts my soul to rest. Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn experience on Fresh Market Friday, and Welcome!


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