12 November

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Let them find rest from their labours

for their works accompany them.

Revelation 14:13

the random

My sister and I sitting with our step-father, Billy.

He was a WWII navy vet.

He used his late brother's birth certificate so he could join

the navy before he was of legal age.

He fought all over the world and was awarded for bravery. 

This was taken almost 8 or so years ago now and he has since passed away.

the fun

I got to see Verne this weekend. 

He is talking so much now and is making us laugh all the time!

the good

I put a stool in front of the window by our bed for the cat.

He has claimed it for his very own and sleeps there every night.

He looks so cute and comfortable.

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  1. What a lovely photo of your step-father, thank you for his service! Verne is just so cute!

  2. Loved the picture of you, your sister and your stepfather. How appropriate for a post-veterans'-day photo!

  3. Cats have perfected the art of comfy and cozy. Billy was a hero! So sorry he is gone now. Verne is so cute.


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