Family Friday

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Sunday dawned rainy and grey.

It was the perfect day for lazing 'round the house and not doing much of anything at all. 

I've been walking around Beacon hill before I head home from work.

It's so pretty to see all the brownstones dressed up for Halloween. 


The landlord came up and replaced the balusters on our porch.

They were getting rather old and were actually blowing like a curtain in the breeze.

Over the weekend I will put the chairs back out there 

with a blanket or two thrown over them.

I'll be carving our giant pumpkin to light up out there as well. 


I took a day off of work for a Verne and Hopie day!

We went to lunch...He may only be 2 but he can put away some chicken nuggets!

We also went to a few different shops where we saw Christmas

and toy carrier trucks.

When I called my daughter the next day to tell her how much fun I had

she said that Verne was still talking about it the next day.

He had fun as well!

We will be planning another Verne and Hopie day very soon.

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  1. Your grandson is so cute in that truck photo!! How nice to spend the day with your daughter and him....special memories!! What is Family Friday?? I'm confused cause i thought this was the Fave Fives from Susanne?? Is family Friday the same but you have to post family pics??

  2. Loving those yellow curtains and your lamp! What a cozy setting, I could curl up in that chair for a whole day. Your day with Verne sounds delightful. It's always an adventure seeing life with a two year old:)

  3. He is so beautiful. And you both have the same brilliant smile!

  4. What a fun day with Verne! Sometimes a lazy day around the house is wonderful.


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