mid October

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mid-October is time for bringing the plants in.

I've settled them in next to the credenza in the dining room

after their wild adventures on the porch.

Night time temperatures will be dipping down close to frost this week.


Yesterday I turned up the heat just a bit to ward off the chill...

Sat at my desk in the sunny window with coffee and biscotti -

watched a Sunday morning coming down


It's this little pumpkin's second birthday already!

He sang Happy birthday to all of his friends

and when we were done singing to him he stood right up and said,

"Let's sing it again!"


  1. He is so beautiful. And even more so with the light reflecting on his face. I love the way your photos are so artistic. The plants look so good on that wall, and really dress it up and make it look fancy. You have the most lovely way of writing! Wild adventures on the porch, I love it! Kind of reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Really cold here, too! Even wearing sweaters, most people froze at our granddaughter's soccer game yesterday. A cold wind just cut through us.

  2. Happy BIrthday to the little one!

    YAY for autumn temps...I"m ready!!

  3. 2 already!?
    I need to bring some of my plants in, too! A few are still blooming and I hope to keep them alive all winter!

  4. Let's sing it again!!!!! Yee-Haw! Can't believe he is two! I think fall is finally arriving here. the weatherman is telling us no more 90 degree days!

  5. It's funny that you said you turned up the heat in your home cause I just turned the air on. California days right now are chilly in the mornings, warmer during the days, and cooler at night. : ) Autumn is my favorite time of year and will be getting cooler all day long soon.



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