9 April

The random

My sister, my brother, and myself

about a gazillion years ago.

I think it was one Easter morning probably around 1970.


the good

Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday.

I went to the St. John Paul II Shrine in Salem, MA

where a special Mass and dedication service was held

in honor of Cardinal O'Malley giving a relic of 

Pope John Paul II to the shrine. 

It was very moving.


the fun

When Bonnie, Verne and I were at the plant nursery last week

Verne climbed up into a big red chair that was there for display.

He's always fun to be with!


  1. Sounds like a great Easter. Love the old picture!

  2. The sibling picture is adorable! Your brother looks very happy about something.

  3. What a coincidence - late last year we attended a ceremony to establish a reliquary at St. John Paul in Big Fork, Montana. Our friend built the reliquary. It was a very special moment for him and for the church.


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