16 April

the fun

I stumbled across this old picture of my sister and I circa 1983!

We are on a ferry in Washington state.

I was living there and she was visiting after graduating from high school. 

the good

I also found this old picture of me.

I think we were near Port Townsend, WA.

the random

I'm just sending out a bunch of good luck wishes

to those running the Boston marathon today.

I know a few people running including our own Tamar.

It's a terrible day here...windy, freezing cold, and rain/sleet/snow....

You just never know what the weather will bring for marathon day.


  1. What great old pics!!
    And thank you!! We trained for cold the rain is just another hiccup!

  2. I love finding old pics and enjoying the memories. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I just got a prayer request for a young woman running in memory of her brother. It sure is windy and cold and rainy, isn't it.

    These are the people I admire most. Nothing keeps them from following their heart, their purpose.

  4. Isn't that fun to find old family photos! These are both great. It was lovely the way the city honored and remembered those who died or were injured at that bombing.

  5. The words peace and tranquility come to mind when I see these photos! Very nice! Thank you!

  6. We could have been twins in 1983!

  7. Hello! Checked in here a couple of times in the past few weeks and noticed you've been gone since April. I do hope you and yours are doing all right these days.


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