30 March

I went to see my grandson, Verne on Saturday.

He calls me Hopie...well, he's learning to call me Hopie.

He calls me Hohu right now. 

Melt's my grandmother's heart.

~ ~ ~

Joe and I went out to dinner over the weekend.

He got filet minion and I had scallops. 

Both meals were delicious.  

~ ~ ~

We had Joe's son, Jack, with us Saturday and Sunday.

His brother, Joey, was sick with strep throat so he stayed home.

It was nice to have Jack to ourselves for a bit.

He's a teenager now so isn't really all that talkative with us anymore. 

I miss the old Jack...but I know he'll be back soon.


I have been doing more reading lately. 

It's been a while since I've picked up a book. 


So... daffodils are coming up in the old church yard.

I am absolutely dying for it to be spring.


  1. Best wishes for Easter.

    God bless.

  2. Verne is growing up so fast! Glad you're getting back into reading. The teen years can be difficult but I think they're glad to know parents love them no matter what and are there and available. By the way, your link on Susanne's place goes back to her post.

  3. Oh that boy is so cute! Time with him (and your other grandson) will always be a fave!
    Daffodils are always the flowers that greet us with spring. Here's hoping that very soon you will see daffodil blooms.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!


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