2 March

It was beautiful weather here earlier this week!

I walked about in Beacon Hill during my lunch break.

I had an emotionally difficult week.

I have a lot on weighing heavy on my heart 

and the hits just seem to keep on coming. 

Wednesday night was exceptionally hard
but coming home to my husband's loving arms

made me feel so grateful and loved. 


March is in like a lion out like a lamb...

I think we have the lion part covered.

We are in the beginning of a huge nor'easter as I type.

A very big two day storm with wicked high rainfall

crazy high winds, and three record high tides...

higher than they've been since 1978!!

They are expecting the causeway onto the mainland will be closed.

We live in the lowlands and they are saying evacuation may be necessary.

I have taken the day off so that I won't get stuck away from home.

I'm a little worried with all this fuss...


Seems like a good day for doing some baking

and cooking a pork roast...

luckily we have a gas stove in case the electricity goes out.



  1. It is crazy windy here now. Hold on!

    Love that scene. Very pretty.

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  3. Oh wow! I hope it doesn't get so bad that they need to evacuate. I am sorry for the emotionally hard week - glad that you found comfort.

  4. Stay safe! Hoping you won't have to evacuate.

    I hope that next week will be less emotionally stressful for you. It's truly a blessing to come home to loving arms around you.

  5. I hope you stayed nice and warm during the storm and didn't have to be evacuated. Sorry for your hard week but what a blessing those loving arms of your spouse would be for those hard times.


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