5 February

the fun

Walking the beach against the freezing wind 

and scurrying back home in the low light of a winter's afternoon

warm muffins and hot tea awaiting us when we arrive

the good

carrot ginger muffins with tea of a chilly afternoon

and roasted cauliflower soup to nibble on throughout the week

the random

In honor of the Sweetheart month...

hearts are everywhere.

Paleo bacon and cauliflower soup
Creamy bacon, garlic spaghetti squash
zucchini tacos
crockpot pork
stuffed cabbage rolls in the crockpot


  1. Oh my but the roasted cauliflower soup sounds wonderful as do the muffins. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Mm the muffins sound delicious!!

  3. Now I want to make carrot ginger muffins, and just about everything else on your list, fab inspiration for all the cooks joining Mosaic Monday this week.

  4. Love seeing all of the wonderful ingredients for your muffins! Makes me SO hungry! Enjoy your week!

  5. Oh, goodness. Everything looks so good. You've made my mouth water. Love the heart in the shell. Walking the beach is good for the soul.
    Wishing you well.......

  6. Yes, please to muffins and a hot cuppa after a walk on the beach. You're brave to be out there ... I'm fighting a wicked cold and can't wait to be done with it and to have the temps jump 10 degrees or so.

    I'm longing to find some sea glass, an abandoned buoy, some fabulous driftwood!


  7. The comforts of home and food after a walk are some of life's best pleasures. Cabbage rolls are being made here just now, and will be in the slow cooker shortly. The zucchini tacos sound interesting - do you have a recipe to share?

  8. The muffins look so yummy - I can almost see the steam rising and the butter melting ...

  9. Lots of Yummy food on here today. The carrot ginger muffins looks so good. I love ginger goodies this time of year.


  10. Your photos are great! Love the heart on the rock and the food sounds delicious. I can relate to the 'fun'!


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