coming home

the good

 The window to the left looks out over a small Memorial park 

and just beyond that is the Atlantic ocean and Short beach.

The window in the front of my desk looks out over 

the lowlands gravel parking lot and the town ball fields.

In summer, we see families walking across the park

to and fro from short beach. We see the set up for 

the Memorial day parade and we see them all marching up 

the hill and into town. We see them march back and after stopping

at the cemetery at the top of the hill, we see them have another little 

ceremony at Memorial park. 

We can see both the men's and the woman's softball games 

at night, after dinner in the park across the way. 

We see folks bringing their dogs to Doggy beach, 

which is just behind my desk.

We see the waves splashing against the cliffs 

on this rather tiny island. 

In the morning I watch the sun coming up

and in the evening I watch it going down. 

I have the best seat in the wonder I never get any work done. 

the fun

I've been doing a lot of cooking

now that winter has settled in.

I love dancing around the kitchen

on a weekend afternoon.

the random

a menu for the week.

last week we did really good and only missed one night

due to and errand we had to run after work.


Monday: Steak and sweet potatoes with a green salad

Tuesday: cranberry sweet potato turkey poppers with sweet potato fries

Wednesday: slow cooker maple pulled pork with green beans

Thursday: sausage and caramelized onion stuffed acorn squash

Friday: Asian beef with mushroom and snow peas

Saturday: maple pork chops with sauteed pears and broccoli 

Sunday: lamb chops, rosemary potatoes, and zucchini

I will also be making some egg and sausage bites and

banana waffles to freeze for on the go breakfasts through out the week.

Lunches will be leftovers.

I will make some ginger/carrot muffins and some lemon poppyseed muffins 

for snacking on.


  1. The sweet potato poppers sound good!

  2. I love the coziness your images evoke. Have a happy Monday!

  3. I love the peacefulness of that top photo!

  4. Your time in the kitchen sounds delightful and delicious. I do love your photo and your melodic words describing the view.

  5. Welcome to Mosaic Monday, Kara, so glad to have your company. Your photographs are wonderful, you certainly have a room with a view (s). Hope to see you again next week with more recipes, mosaics and stories to share.

  6. Yes, I also sit in front of a window, and am easily distracted by birds, or the clouds floating by, or an unfamiliar car ... am I turning into a nosy neighbor?

  7. Kara, sounds as if you had a delightfully delicious week! I love the name of your blog. A spirit of simplicity makes life beautiful.

  8. Your desk looks like the prefect place to watch the world!

  9. You certainly do have an amazing view! A cozy room as well. Your menu sounded so delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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