5 January


Yesterday we had what is referred to around here as a nor'easter.

A winter storm, usually with astronomically high tides 

and strong winds coming from the north-east. 

It's a deadly combination.

I was hunkered down at home watching 

the wind plaster snow against the windows

listening to the waves crashing and the wind howling.

This is what was happening outside my bedroom window. 

The Atlantic ocean is just behind that house on the right

but you can't see it because the visibility was so obscured by snow.

There was some flooding just in front of the fire truck

and there were barriers in the road to the right 

because the causeway was closed due to the waves crashing over the road.

I was stuck on the island....

Even if the causeway had been open,

the round about at the end of the causeway was closed

and the roads that lead to work or to town, or toward my mum's house

were all closed as well!

THIS is what was just in front of the firetruck

Yes, that is the ocean. 

is Beacon Hill where I work in Boston. 

This is Winthrop, which is the town across the bay 

and where I have to pass through on my way to work.

Here is a picture from the road at the end of the causeway

this is from a photographer other than myself

Today we face clean up...

and huge wind gusts and wind blown snow

and tomorrow it's supposed to go down to 30 below 

with the wind chill!


  1. My inlaws live between you and the Cape and they reported a foot of snow and we saw on the news the horrible flooding in Quincy and Ptown!!! So glad you are safe. Here in eastern NY we got the tail of your nor'easter which closed the school where i teach,( we sent the children home two hours early and then we could leave) and today we have a 2 hour delay. The wind and deep cold are terrible. but I'd rather have this now than in MArch!!
    Happy Winter and stay warm!!

  2. Oh my goodness. Those photos are amazing but I'm glad I don't have to endure such weather extremes. Stay safe and warm.

  3. Incredible photos. I'm amazed at the newscasts about the storm back there. It doesn't even feel like winter here, and we sure could use some snow.

  4. Oh wow! I'm glad you are safe and watching all this from your windows. Makes my new to me experience of snow and cold in Ohio seem like a balmy summer day.
    I'd agree that the faves are your being safe and your mum, too.

  5. Wow, those pictures are incredible

  6. Brrrr! My son in RI got 11 inches. What incredible pictures. Hope you can stay warm. It's supposed to warm up a bit here next week - hope it does there, too.

  7. Sounds like a real hum-dinger! I hope you and your family are safe and warm.


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