4 December

the good

Verne made the front page of the local paper!
I think he likes his dada best. 

The fun

I love Beacon Hill in Boston and especially at Christmas time!

Last week I spent my lunch break walking up, down and around

taking pictures with my phone!

I could hear all kinds of Christmas music playing in the Commons

in celebration of the tree lighting later that night.

the random

My cousin shared this old photograph with me.

We had a mini-family reunion back in 2002

and these are all my mother and one of her sister's grandchildren!

They look a lot different now!


  1. Good morning! Looks like your little guy is a bit of a celebrity! What a special keepsake to tuck away and share with him in a few years.

    Isn't being a grandma just the best?


  2. I just love Beacon Hill all year round!

  3. 2002 doesn’t seem so long ago to me, but I bet all these kids are driving now...


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