the floor

We have finally finished our kitchen floors!

~ ~ ~ 

We did the stripping ourselves which was an incredible amount of work.

It took us months and months

because of work schedules and illness but we did it!

We got them down to the original wood floors

from when the house was built over a hundred years ago. 

We had a professional come in to sand and polyurethane them.

We had to remove every single thing....

and find places to put it all....

stoves in the dining room, a fridge in the bedroom...

it was a big mess.

This is what the floor looked like before.

I don't have a clear picture because I always tried to avoid them in my photographs.

Believe me, they were ugly!

Below is what they look like now...

before we moved all the stuff back in.

They look so pretty in the morning sunlight.

I almost never want to leave the kitchen.


  1. Your floors are beautiful. I need to do mine over, but keep putting it off. Such a lot of work!!!!!!!

  2. ...wood can be brought back to life, the floor looks lovely.

  3. Hello,

    All the hard work paid off, the wood floor looks fabulous. You did a wonderful job. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! PPS, thanks so much for your comment on my blog.

  4. Great job! Real wood is so beautiful and I love that you saved the orginal floor.

  5. So gorgeous! That was a lot of work indeed. We are still getting everything put back after having new wood floors put in our kitchen, family room, bedroom, and sewing room. Have the sewing room still to put back together. We are taking it slowly. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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