View the Starry Realm of Heaven


Romans 14:19

So then let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbringing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I live quite close to Boston. I work there.

I feel filthy to be as close as I am to the events that will transpire there today.

It is only 9:00 in the morning as I type this.

I pray that there will be quietness and peacefulness today.

But that is not usually the norm at these types of things.

I am sickened and heartsick and disgusted and frightened

to know that there are such racist, vile, Nazi-sympethizors so close to me.

I want to go into the Commons tomorrow with a pail and a brush

and scrub clean the places where their hate-filled feet touched.

They are Satan.

~ ~ ~

This was written by Norbert Capek while he was imprisoned at Dachau.

He died there on 12 October, 1942.

His name appears on a list of prisoners on an invalid transport

to a castle in Austria where he died of poison gas. 

He was raised Catholic but became a U.U. minister later in his life.

I've never heard the song sung but stumbled across it in the hymn book

at a Unitarian Universalist church on Sunday.

View the starry realm of heaven,
shining distant empires sing.
Skysong of celestial children
turns each winter into spring, turns each winter into spring.

Great you are, beyond conception,
God of gods and God of stars.
My soul soars with your perception,
I escape from prison bars, I escape from prison bars.

You, the One within all forming
in my heart and mind and breath,
you, my guide through hate’s fierce storming,
courage in both life and death, courage in both life and death.

Life is yours, in you I grow tall,
seed will come to fruit I know.
Trust that after winter’s snowfall
walls will melt and Truth will flow, walls will melt and Truth will flow.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Boston this weekend there are planned protests in response to

what happened in Charlottesville...and elsewhere.

It is unfathomable that we live in a world where

there is still such hatred and evil.

It's important to remember that we are not allowed to sit back and do nothing.

We are required to respond...with love and intelligence.

But to do nothing is unacceptable.


  1. So beautiful.

    And you are so sweet. I stay away from large rallies bc I am not a fan of crowds, but will also be out of town..but yes so sad and scary!

  2. Was there ever a time when there was a greater need for us to pray for our nation and the hearts of her people? Unless hearts change these things will continue. I grieve with you.


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