Tuesday Tunes

U is for....up, up and away....into the mystic....

I love to listen to the music of people who have recently passed away.

I've been listening to the Allman Brothers all weekend.

I like to think of their body of work being played all over the world

as a lullaby rocking them up to the stars from down here on earth.

As if they if they could look back and hear the notes of their own music

and all the people saying....thankyou....rest easy now.



  1. Never heard of them before. Their music is really nice. Rock elements with some nice soothing tones and rhythms.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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