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All the angels on TV have white feathered wings But I don't think it really works like that. Does it? Dragonfly wings have no feathers Once I saved a dragonfly whose wing was stuck to some tape on a package of flowers But I could not save you Your uncle said that you were one of them As if an opiate addiction was like a cult that you decided to join And though your father and I were no longer "us" When I heard the news We followed all the shallow protocol Do you think the dragonfly was jinxed before I saved it? As if I have some control over planetary occurrences... All my sighs spin dragonflies around and their wings do not bleed But ours do.

22 February

G is for..... girls my beautiful daughters, Hannah and Bonnie

keeping Sabbath

UNBUNTO We  our affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others. I am who I am because of who you are. The interdependent web of the universe. Love one another as I have loved you.... only that's not quite right  because it implies that you love one another because you are loved. Unbunto As you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. Luke 6:31 spiritual Sundays Sunday Scripture Blessings Scripture and a snapshot

17 February

 I posted this a few years ago on my facebook page. Lucky me...I live in a house by the sea  and the window sills are littered with shells,  and sea glass, and driftwood, and bits of twine.....  One of my favorite parts of working with toddlers  -other than all the hugs and kisses and laughter is how sweet they are. This delicious box of chocolates is from one of my little students.   my poor mum fell and broke her hip on MLK day. She spent about 3 weeks in the hospital and rehab and has been home a few weeks now but cannot go upstairs. She's sleeping on her couch in the living room. Yesterday I took a picture of her bedroom for her.... she hasn't seen it in over a month. Bonnie and Verne came down to visit my mum yesterday! I had taken the day off to drive her to the Dr.  and they were able to meet us at her house when we got home! She was so excited! He's ge

16 February

Joe and I spent Saturday morning listening to some music and hanging around the house.... Oh and we have strict rules about Tucker being on the tables.... ~ We've had a pretty lot of snow around here lately. It's nowhere near a really lot of snow for New England winter but there's been a snowstorm or two....or five in the past week. I stayed home from work on Monday and just about every single school in the area closed down for the day.... but we didn't end up getting as much snow as was predicted. Oh was nice to have the day off. ~

15 February

F is for.... family mine is fluid.... I have children, step-children, children in laws, a grandchild ever changing, ever growing ever loving I have a sort of serendipitous family a jumble of people tossed together with me as a common thread

telling the bees

God is a fuzzy bumble-bee sitting in the still air on snapdragons God is the still air God is the blue-green beach at the town common where yellow and peach coloured snapdragons nod on the breeze one day I shall be telling the bees saying your names again light and shadow so heavy I cannot not utter them in places that are grey and busy or even honey coloured places where sun shines through windows in lovely beams of light I shall tell the bees one day tender in the stillness of air where each movement of their irridescent  wings is a fluttering of my heart and all my words are tears and honey

13 February

The good We are finally getting some winter weather. Wednesday was extremely dangerous icy conditions.  Thursday was a nor'easter with at least a foot of snow. Friday temps were frigid with very low wind chills Saturday morning was another 4 or 5 inches of snow Sunday and today another nor'easter! the fun I wasn't able to see Verne this weekend but her friend shared some pictures to me! Look at the yellow in that tie-dye shirt! The random I keep going back and forth between Blogger and Wordpress. I just can't make up my mind. I like blogger's features better but I hear it may be closing up shop. I hope not.  The good, the random, the fun Monday musings Monday mellow yellow

Seeking Sabbath

Romans 15:7 Therefore welcome one another  as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.  ~ I am finding it more and more difficult to reconcile myself with a people claiming to be Christians when they so obviously and vehemently disregard the words of the bible. We are called to love one another we are called to forgive one another we are called to serve one another and we are told do not be afraid. And yet there are those among us who would block entrance to entire countries of people, regardless of who they are, simply because of where they come from. That is not biblical.  That is not loving, forgiving, or service-filled. It smacks of fear and hatred... Which, by the way, pretty much sums up the way the Romans felt about Jesus just before they crucified him. ~ spiritual Sundays Sundays at home Sunday Scripture Blessings   Scripture and a snapshot

10 February

I got a chance to go see Verne on Saturday. He's 17 pounds now and has just started eating some cereal! ~ Sunday was the Superbowl and wow! What a game!! ~ Tuesday I watched the parade from work. I was dry and warm as it passed by the windows in the art studio! They say there were over a million people on the streets of Boston and I believe it!  It was crazy! ~ Saturday morning I picked Joe up from the train station and we stopped at 40 steps to see the sun come up. ~ Thursday we had a nor'easter here. This is the view from my desk window as I watched the snow starting to come down. Friday fave fives willy nilly Friday   Photo Friday