November pumpkins

the good

rambling through Beacon Hill, Boston

on my lunch break

I happened upon this little faerie pumpkin house....

so sweet even I wouldn't mind living in it.

the random

And speaking of sweet.....

I hope she said yes.

the fun

and since we are on the subject of pumpkins on Beacon Hill....

this little guy looks like he knows how to have a fun!

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  1. Cute! Happy November ♥

  2. That fairy house is simply charming! Would love a peek inside. :) And the pumpkins are such a fun way to propose!! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  3. Hi Kara, just hopping back to let you know that you will be featured today at SYC.I love these fun pumpkins!

  4. I too, would love to take residence in the cute li'l pumpkin fairy house. 'Tis just so very cute! Visiting your lovely blog via Jann's lovely party.

  5. The fairy house is just gorgeous. Pinning this little gem for next year. Thank you very much for the inspiration.


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