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the Unloading of the trees

From the kitchen window we wait for the truck ...
mid-morning on Black Friday it comes over the causeway 
onto the island
the cry goes out over the village
The trees are here!
school children, parents and grandparents all
gather together to unload the trees
stacking them onto the wooden structure 
that the fathers built after work last week.
There will be volunteers at the stand till the trees are all sold...
a fire in a steel can, children running about playing,
grandparents with hot cocoa...
people visiting one another  
-jackets zipped up - brightly coloured hats and mittens
everyone helping to tie the trees to the tops of all the cars
some folks walk through the wooded path with wagons to tote the tree home again...
we watch over the jars of seaglass on the kitchen window sill
and we wait.....
Romans 15:5-6
May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify th…

28 November

the fun

Every year the grade school on our rather tiny sort of an island
has a Christmas tree stand as their big fund raiser.
We can see the tractor trailer truck bringing the trees in
from our kitchen window.
The stand is run by volunteer parents, grandparents, and school children.

Can you see the neon yellow trim on the truck driver's vest?
the good

We had the boys with us for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Joey went out to help with the unloading of the trees.

It's so good to have everyone home.

the random

Just a little teapot bird house hanging from a tree in Beacon Hill.
I didn't see any birds nearby....

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Hope - the song of Advent

And in his name the Gentiles will hope
Matthew 12:21 ~ ~ ~

places I link up to spiritual Sundays
through my lens 
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25 November

I used to say that I loved Christmas.

And I still do.

But what I've come to realize is that what I really love is

the season of Advent.

I am so thankful for my loved ones -my daughters, Joe, my family and friends...

I'm thankful for my job, which I have so much fun at.

I'm thankful for my grandson who owns my heart.

Joe and I met in town on Tuesday night.
We walked through Faneuil Hall we saw the tree all lit up for the season

and walked around with hot coffee in the cold twinkly night.

After work I walked around Quincy Market in Faneuil Hall

to make some pictures.

I have to admit that Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday.

It's sort of like a rest stop on the highway to Christmas..

When I was a girl we would often stop at a pretty rest stop

and have a little picnic and then be back on our way to the final destination...

Thanksgiving morning I was up early baking the pumpkin pies

everyone loves them so I made two to bring to my mum's house.

I am going to mak…

Happy Thanksgiving

My sweet daughters
how could I ever have known 
when I had my beautiful daughters all those years ago
that my heart could hold all the love
it holds for my first grandchild

sweet baby Verne.

  Verne with his mum
Verne with his aunt

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on the eve of Thanksgiving

T is for....

I enter into this season of Thanksgiving
I feel burdened and heavy

this is the first time we will face these holidays 
without my step daughter who died in February.
All that sadness slips away from me in my day to day life
 then in an instant I remember
and I find myself in tears.
I stumble across a picture of her around a turkey
and I'm on my knees in the living room 
everything slowing to a grinding halt
it takes me a bit to get back up again and through the sorrow 
 knowing that she will never be in another Thanksgiving day photo
never eat her favorite food,
never reach for a second piece of pie
Always, always, always be an empty place

 I know I have so very much to be thankful for.

and yet
I struggle with how to lay the sadness down and let it go

I need a soft wood with pines and yellow leaved birches
 old oaks dropping acorns in the mossy undergrowth
I need a sweet hymn sung quietly
the feel of a beautiful baby boy in my arms
and his mother…

21 November

the good

Sweet baby Verne
in his yellow and black Bruin's outfit.

the fun
Tuck Finn thinks it is the greatest of fun
to sit at the window and watch the birds at the feeder.

the random
It's been windy and cold here over the past few days.
The sand on the beaches has been blowing around all over the place.

The good, the random, the fun
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My paternal grandmother

I have used her as an inspiration in my life
as a way to love people

with food, and laughter, and twinkly eyes
and time

She made tollhouse cookies and apple pies
Mincemeat pie with hard sauce was my father's favorite
I loved her apricot squares
which she pronounced with a hard "A"
She was born on 18 November, 1898. She never drove a car. 
She had 6 children, 5 of which grew to adulthood.
She always made me feel as if spending time with me

was the exact thing she loved to be doing.
Her favorite Christmas song was Ave Maria sung by Perry Como
 I listen to it all the time. 

She told me "My mother's name was Katherine but my father called her Kate."
She had a lot of heartache in her life but I rarely heard her say a harsh word.
She was gentle and kind
I miss her.

The old Coast Guard Station across the street from my home
It was built in 1898 and is on the list of National Historical places.
Beautiful in the rising sun.

 Beacon Hill, B…

invitation from an old oak

there is an oaken path through a wee wood
between the parking lot and my church
There are Oaks and Birches and Alders
all yellow and golden and brown and crimson
each leaf a flame in the sunlit trail

fungi grow and acorns drop

and the earth is soft and spongy underneath

I came upon this tattered oak leaf

wedged into the handle of my driver's door

on Sunday as I walked back to my car after worship

just as if some olden Oak had sent down an invitation for me

I considered the weight of the world right now
and how it falls and who it will fall upon
I wondered whether I was in the right place to be of service

 and I accepted an invitation

to step off the trail and into the sunlit oaken wood

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16 November

S is for.....Super moon and Set and Serene

In light of all the political upheaval of late
it's nice to see a super moon spinning and orbiting all around and above
just to remind us that we are not the alpha or the omega

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turning toward home

walking the beach  of a Monday morning I was capturing images 
of the super-duper closer than it's ever been
full moon.
My spot on this rather tiny sort of an island
is between dog beach and short beach.
Dog beach looks toward the sunset  and at this time of year the moon set as well
Short beach looks toward the sun rise...
So as I was snapping away with my camera
I happened to turn around to see the sky lightening up
and I noticed that the old Coast Guard Station
looked pretty sweet and its reflection in the water looked pretty sweet also
even though it's been the same since 1898
and hasn't gotten any closer to the earth, or bigger, or brighter....
sometimes you just have to turn toward home
to find the steadfast beauty.

14 November

the good

I am sure that temples, synagogues, and churches
all over the nation today were full of people reeling.....

In the U.U. church I go to we spoke of our power
our love for all members of the human race,
our love for the earth,
our commitment to justice
what actions we will take to be sure that the world we live in 
is safe, loving, and accepting,
and we lit candles

the random

The church is nestled into a grove of mostly Oaks and Birches
fungi grow just inside the wood along the trail
the fun

Sweet little Verne
all twirled up in the safety of his nana's arms
and me all wrapped up and enchanted in the wonder of him.

Yellow is a flame in the darkness Yellow is the sunlight on the forest floor Yellow is a cuff on a baby's sleeve

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11 November

Joe took Saturday night off! We haven't had a Saturday night together in a very long time.
We went to my grandson's grandmother's surprise birthday party.
It was a fun time. 
And we got to see Verne!
My daughter, Hannah, took this picture of Bonnie and Verne.
Mother and son.
It's been so sweet to see Bonnie and her little family.
I love seeing her as a mother.

Just a few weeks later Bonnie took this picture of her sister, Hannah with Verne.
Aunty and nephew. 
I love seeing my daughters and my grandson together.
Can you see the yellow in the quilt?

My online class has me hopping. Nothing is too difficult yet but it's time consuming. 
I am enjoying it though...even if I wish I had a bit more time for it. 
Joe and I watched I Remember Mama the other evening. 
Irene Dunne....the old movie not the TV series....
if anyone even remembers either one of those. 
It's such a great movie even he liked it.

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"I Am Yours" - Derek and the Dominos

The other night I was driving home from work and trying to find some music to listen to on my new 
phone. I quickly clicked on the download section of my Amazon music and stumbled
across the most random thing.
One song and some voice mail messages...some of them were 2 or 3 years old and had been left
on phones that I have long since forgotten about.
Through the magic of modern technology they had transferred into this
download section in my Amazon music.
~ a job offer that I wasn't interested in
a Dr. cancelling an appointment
my oldest daughter calling to wish me a happy birthday
my youngest daughter calling to wish me a happy birthday
my mum calling to tell me she had jammed something (I couldn't quite make out what it was)  in her garage door and she needed help...she sounded like she was going to cry
my husband telling me it was him calling from a different number   and would I please pick up the phone when he calls 
my daughter telling me she got a new phone and a new n…

7 Monday

The good
of course Verne steals the show.
I'm afraid he will be stealing all my shows for..well...for a very long time.
How can I resist all the delicious cuteness?

The random
 yellow wood in Autumn

The fun
Tuck Finn continues to amuse and entertain and cuddle with us.
He likes to sit at the front window and watch the bus coming onto the island at eventide.
He has made friends with a crow who sits on the wire gazing in at him. 

The good, the random, the fun
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Keeping Sabbath

t ~ ~ ~
Psalm 107: 1,9
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.
~ ~ ~

Sometimes I pray in lists...
did I pray enough about my family members, my friends, my co-workers?
am I sure I covered everything I think they needed prayer for?
Did mention the homeless man on the corner that looks like Gandolf?
Did I mention all the homeless people?
Did I say thank you? Am I humble enough? Am I too proud?
Honestly, it can get exhausting. 
I pray in the car on my way to work.
I like to imagine checking off what I've already mentioned so I won't forget anything.

One morning I happened to be driving over a bridge 
and the sun was rising over the Atlantic ocean
and the sky was filled with ribbons of color
and the water was reflecting all this magnificence. 
Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit hi…

5 November

Starts with S
steps on a Beacon Hill street
lined with Pumpkins for Samhain -Halloween

week's favorite 
 This is Acorn Street in Boston's Beacon Hill.
I work in the area and often find myself wandering around taking pictures during my lunch hour.
Acorn street is the most photographed street in Boston. 

I became a grandmother on 12 October!
He is so amazing!!!

Friday's Hunt

4 November

I finally got a chance to wander around Acorn street in Beacon Hill this week.
I didn't have a whole lot of time but I was able to capture a few pictures.
 It is the most photographed street in Boston
and it's so small it's like a driveway.


I saw this beautiful little pumpkin faerie house in Beacon Hill the other day

So darn sweet and creative

there's even a rosemary vine climbing up the windows

Tuck Finn and the boys chillin' over the weekend

I have started my on-line class...

 I love taking classes and I'm looking forward to learning something new.


an old family friend of my mum's had this beautiful sweater made for Verne.

I swear he just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

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November pumpkins

the good

rambling through Beacon Hill, Boston

on my lunch break

I happened upon this little faerie pumpkin house....

so sweet even I wouldn't mind living in it.

the random

And speaking of sweet.....

I hope she said yes.

the fun

and since we are on the subject of pumpkins on Beacon Hill....

this little guy looks like he knows how to have a fun!

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