4 October

For Today

4 October

Looking out my window

It's early still and the sun is not yet up. There's a soft drizzly rain falling which, they tell me, will

clear by mid morning.  The leaves are at the very beginning stages of colour but I won't see them till

the sun crests over short beach. I can hear the waves rolling over the beach across the street.
I am thinking
Next weekend if it isn't raining I plan on washing the windows. They are so salty it's hard to see.
One of the cons of living on the Atlantic.
I am thankful

that I have a job to wake up and get ready for. I really like where I work. Also, for Bonnie's

healthy pregnancy. 

One of my favorite things

 This season. I love autumn from September till just after Christmas. 

Then things get a little dicey. 

I am creating
I am creating a charmed life....some days are more difficult than others.

I am wearing

a tan and black tunic with black leggings. I will add a pair of tan suede flats when I leave the house.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to

I've been reading a Elizabeth George book about praying for your husband.

I am hoping

That my daughter, Bonnie, will go into labor today. She was due on Sunday.
I am learning

For the first time in my life I am a co-teacher and I am learning

both good and bad things about working so closely with some one else.
In my kitchen

I made pumpkin bread over the weekend but I used the recipe I don't like as much.

I'll make another loaf with the correct recipe soon.

In my garden

I don't have a garden anymore but I walk the little streets of Beacon Hill, Boston during my lunch.

There are so many pretty little window boxes and patio gardens

and containers of mums on the doorsteps.

Shared Quote
commit your works to the Lord
 and your plans shall be established

A moment from my day


  1. I'm visiting from The Simple Woman's Daybook list. I enjoyed my visit. I would love living on the Atlantic, salty windows and all :) Enjoy your week, and I hope your daughter will give birth soon!
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  2. Thanks for greeting me back into blogland.

  3. I love the simplicity of your list - thank you :)

  4. Love your front door! Looked up your town and couldn't help but be a little envious. :) Looks like a quiet, cozy, wonderful little "island." Enjoyed my visit here today from SWD.

  5. What a beautiful door photo...I'm in love with doors! ;) How is the George book? :)

  6. definitely charmed. I'm just in love with your door!


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