28 October

First and foremost


only the cutest, sweetest, most well behaved grandson of all time


I love rambling up and over and round and about Beacon Hill

on my lunch hour

I wonder a bit about who lives behind that arched green door

and who might have ridden their bicycle over

for a spot of tea and a game of whist


Though he isn't Verne...

he runs a pretty close second in cuteness

Tuck Finn

who scampers and scurries and pounces about the house

saving us from all sorts of terrible terrors

and gets himself into a spot of trouble while he's at it

We got together last night to celebrate my brother's birthday.

My mum, my brother, his lovely girlfriend, came over for soup, salad,

and cake!

We haven't carved any pumpkins this year.

We plan on doing it on Saturday evening when the boys are with us. 

This toothy jack-o-lantern is from last year.

the skies have been rather grey and wet of late. 

That's okay with me. 

I like the rainy days of November

they make me want to bake pie and cookies

and roast chickens for my friends and family.


  1. I love the pic you took of the apt on Beacon Hill!! Awesome...and fun to make up stories about the bike/people. I would have said...I"m guessing the bike was a young career girl visiting a good friend, both single, sharing a cup of coffee and talking about the cute boys at their respective jobs. :) And actually, when we ARE in Boston, my daughters and I do tend to make up stories like that. Is fun!

    YAY for that precious grandson! He is adorable.

    I love autumn days too for baking, cooking, getting the house ready for hunkering down for the long cold months.

    I hope you have a restful, happy weekend!

  2. He certainly is a very cute Grandson as is the lovely cat. I love the photo of the arched green door. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Verne and the kitten are both adorable! The green arch door does lead us to believe something intriguing might be happening back there; it's lovely.

  4. Best picture? Beautiful baby boy. What joy!!

  5. There is nothing better than being and celebrating with family. Enjoy the pumpkin carving

  6. That's one handsome jack-o-lantern! You have a fabulous Halloween.

  7. Love your pumpkin! I hope you enjoy carving this years. Happy Birthday to your brother. Thank you for being part of Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful picture of your grandson! Such innocence and sweetness when little and sleeping like that. Thanks for sharing your Five!

  9. Verne looks so cute all decked out in his monkey shirt. Love that arched doorway and wall! I imagine there is a lot that's a feast for the eyes in that area. Love how you described the kitten's antics.

  10. What a pumpkin artist!

  11. Love your toothy pumpkin from last year. Very original looking. Mine are always the same and very typical. Oh, well, I have fun anyway.
    Family, birthday celebration, soup, salad and cake - perfect way to spend time.
    Your grandson is adorable. As is your kitten. Soon they'll be getting into trouble together.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I pass places too and wonder who lives behind a gate or why something is there. Bet you are a people watcher too :). Lovely photos, have a great weekend. B x

  13. Nice photo of the green gateway. Congratulations on the grandson.

  14. Babies are too precious ... Verne and Tuck Finn! Happy Birthday to your brother. Enjoy pumpkin carving!

  15. That door on Beacon Hill really draws me in. Great photo. How sweet to enjoy a little grandson. We've been pretty soggy here in the Seattle Area. We have a Beacon Hill, too. Made me wonder if you lived in this area but I don't recognize the shapes of the buildings in your cityscape. Have a good weekend.

  16. Oh what a lovely picture of your grandson and that kitty is so cute. Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Have a very happy Halloween!

  18. Verne and Tuck Finn are two precious babies. Have fun with the pumpkin carving. Isn't it nice to be able to walk during lunch breaks and find some interesting spots. Have a lovely week.

  19. I LOVE the shot at Beacon Hill.....Boston is so full of history.
    Verne is ADORABLE!!!
    I agree about cold, rainy November.....time for baking and cooking :-D
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  20. Two cuties in one post. Verne and Tuck Finn are adorable. That picture of the gate and bike is wonderful!

  21. I love doors! That photo of the green door is intriguing and mysterious.
    And of course, Verne and kitties would make my fave five list, too!

  22. That green door is absolutely gorgeous! But not of course as gorgeous as your dear grandson :)

    And such a cute kitty as well!

    A belated Happy Birthday to your son!

  23. positive energy spreads.


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