30 September

One of my favorite parts of my job as a teacher of toddlers

is getting to go to the art studio twice a week.

Sometimes the art teacher lets me paint too!

I have been driving into the Wonderland subway stop

instead of taking the bus to work this week.

One day I could only find parking toward the back of the garage.

When I got off the subway and walked up the 3 flights of stairs to my car

I was greeted with this view

 pumpkins in the markets on Charles

I will be choosing one to carry back to our class room this afternoon

 We still don't have baby Verne.

Hopefully by this time next week there will be a new grandson for me!

 I love the crisp cool days of early Autumn.

Everything is so pretty and perfect walking weather!

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  1. that is a fun age to teach and especially visiting the art class! i hope that baby is on its way soon...mama is very pretty! that view was worth the hike! thank you for linking and have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. QUestion: did you draw/sketch those photos of Boston?? We LOVE the Wonderland T stop!! That's the one we would use when our oldest girl was a student up at Gordon College...we drove to Wonderland to park and then take the T into Boston...fun times!! In fact, we were in that general area last weekend!
    Yay for being a toddler teacher...it takes a very special person...is it daycare or a preschool??
    LOVE pumpkins for all kinds of things.
    Happy Weekend!! Good luck with the birth of your grandson!

  3. Lovely pictures! Sounds like you have a great time with the kids at the art studio. Have fun painting!

    Happy Five on Friday

  4. Congrats on having a grandson soon! I hope all goes well :) Stop by if you get a chance:



  5. Look at that beautiful pink sky! Fingers crossed the baby arrives soon, exciting.

  6. What a gorgeous view! We're just starting to have some of that crisp fall air here in TN, and I'm soaking it up. It's so exiting to wait for the arrival of a grandchild!

  7. A new grandson how exciting. Hope he arrives soon and all is well. Have a good weekend.

  8. Beautiful view to rest your eyes at the end of the day!
    You truly live in a wonderful place.
    Looking forward to news of Verne soon!!

  9. Art time with the kids is some of my favorite times of working with preschoolers and toddlers. Love the pencil drawing edit of the street. So pretty.


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