1 September

The last quarries run of the summer....

this year we jumped off the higher rocks

and we used the rope swing

and we hung out on the floating log

pretty exciting stuff!

 But, the coolest part of all was when dad jumped!

It took a bit of contemplation on his part

It's funny how the distance looks greater at 53 than it did at 17!

 But he was pretty pleased with himself

and then we turned toward home....



  1. Fun!! What quary do you go to?

  2. Beautiful soft light! The 3rd image is my favourite! It looks like fun! And it does look higher the older one gets...

  3. That look on your honey's face...too cute. Great mid jump snaps!

  4. Floors are harder at 53 too! But what beautiful photos--such a nice remembrance!


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