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30 September

One of my favorite parts of my job as a teacher of toddlers
is getting to go to the art studio twice a week.
Sometimes the art teacher lets me paint too!

I have been driving into the Wonderland subway stop

instead of taking the bus to work this week.

One day I could only find parking toward the back of the garage.

When I got off the subway and walked up the 3 flights of stairs to my car

I was greeted with this view

 pumpkins in the markets on Charles
I will be choosing one to carry back to our class room this afternoon

 We still don't have baby Verne.

Hopefully by this time next week there will be a new grandson for me!

 I love the crisp cool days of early Autumn.

Everything is so pretty and perfect walking weather!

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29 September

I watched You've Got Mail on Sunday.

I love the way Meg Ryan dresses in that movie, and her apartment, and the fact that she

owns a children's book store and walks to work in the morning, and buys flowers on the way...
It was the first cool day of the season....

Grey day,  dark at four, Hurry home, shut the door,
-Shirley Hughes's not exactly dark at four yet but the writing is on the wall.

Though I know I'm in the minority, I love when it gets dark early.

Everyone all pulled in close and cozy.

It's not anywhere close to snowing yet....thank goodness.

In fact, I've used a very heavy hand with the editing
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26 September

the good
door ways of Beacon Hill

The weather's been so pretty lately that the folks on the hill

have taken to leaving their doorways open of an afternoon

to let some of the delicious autumn air in
the random

This sweet little fella was waiting for his lady on Charles Street

the fun 

Sunday was a beautiful cool autumn day

on the northshore of Boston.

I had the best time prowling one of the old parks

in the little seaside town of Marblehead.

I grew up there but live in Nahant now, which is a few towns over.

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23 September

sailing away of an afternoon at the old fort

pretty sweet way to while away the day

mums and pumpkins

at a Charles Street Market

crazy beautiful sunset on Monday night

I came home from work and scurried across the street to the beach to photograph it

There were a few other folks doing the same thing

and when we walked by one another every one would mention

that it was certainly one of the prettiest sunsets they had seen all year.

Even the next morning as I rode the bus to work

there was still mention of it

I love where I work in Beacon hill.

When ever I can I walk the little side streets and alley ways

photographing as I go....

Most days I hurry back to work

before my lunch hour ends after wandering around for almost an hour

 I get my bearings and either go up a hill

or down a hill

or over a bit and then up or down.....

past the back of the state house

and on to Cambridge street.

Because when I needed it, this is what the Lord gave me.

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22 September

the path to short beach

No where does one feel the end of summer 
quite as strongly as in a seaside village.
The beaches are empty again
walks of a morning are mostly solitary....
the piping plovers are still here but overhead we hear the call of Canadian geese
the pink and white of the beach roses 
have turned to orange of rose hips
on the wild bushes along the dunes
and bayberry scents the ocean air now
 goldenrod is blooming on the edge of the path
I've taken to tea of an afternoon on a Sunday 
and while I haven't worn a wooly sweater yet
they are folded in the drawers that yesterday held bathing suits.

I photographed this big piece of driftwood in the morning 
as I walked the beach on my way to the little village market to buy milk.
When my husband and I walked the beach with the boys later that afternoon
the tide had dragged it back out to sea. 
all things must pass

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21 September

My husband and I are reading Job together in the mornings.

He works the night shift and I work the day shift.

So....we spend the short time we have in the mornings reading Job

and in the evenings he meets me in Boston, just outside my building

and we spend a quarter hour together.

It is not that easy but we make the best of it.

I never thought that I would be reading the bible or praying with my husband...

It took some mighty powerful doing on the part of God....

and because He is so mighty and powerful....

my husband and I read Job together in the mornings.

~ ~ ~
Job 42:2

I know that you can do all things  and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted

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walking wild

goldenrod along the shore.....
incoming tide and summer waning

19 September

mums in the doorway at Beacon Hill
 I can't quite remember which street this was on....something off Pinkney Street I think
Autumn is my very favorite season
though summer runs a very close second....all barefoot and easy like
I love the doorways all dressed up for the season
and an orange door with mums....oohhh be still my heart.

 the fun

Most years I get together with my daughter, Hannah, and visit the sunflower orchard
we bring our cameras and a picnic lunch.
The flowers are as big as we are 
and the bees buzz just as loudly.
the random

I tend to bring home treasures and pile them up on the hutch in the kitchen...
the heart shaped rocks are from my trip to Lake Champlain this summer
the nest of clam shells from the beach across the street
and the cookbooks are a few of my favorites
Now that the weather is cooling down a bit I am ready 
to turn the oven back on and fill the house with
delicious aromas
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Keeping Sabbath

t ~~~~~~~ Ephesians 5:33
However, let each of you love his wife as himself,
and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

Scripture and a snapshot spiritual Sundays

16 September

Joe and I met in the Peace Garden on Thursday evening. It is a garden dedicated to the memory of individuals who have dies as a result of violence. We had a half hour tobsoend together. I had to go to a late meeting and he had to go to an early meeting. We realized when we got there that they were holding an anual memorial to the 904 souls the garden is dedicated to. So, we watched the band set up and the coordinators hand out candles while we exchanges the pleasantries of each others days. Then we went our separate ways.  Apples heaped in market barrows Juicy plums and stripey marrows. Sunday was my daughter’s baby shower. She looked so darn cute I could hardly stand it. She received so many beautiful gifts!
Beacon Hill in Boston is one of my very favorite places in all the world. I could wander around those tiny streets of an afternoon forever.Autumn is beginning to make it’s appearance in all kinds of places….here it peeks out of a street side shoppe on Charles street.


Just for a few minutes

My husband works nights and I work days. We both take public transportation into the city which is fairly easy, affordable and mostly dependable.
but it leaves very little time for us to be together. So…Joe has taken to meeting me in the little park just outside my building. When I get out of work I cross the street and there he is, sitting on a park bench with his ear buds in,  listening to music while he waits for me. We sit together for a few minutes exchanging the nuances of our days and then we jump on the blue line -he gets off at State Street to catch the orange line that takes him to work and I continue on to Wonderland where I catch a bus that brings me home. It’s only about 15 or 20 minutes together….but it’s my favorite quarter hour of the day. Little Things Thursday

1 September

The last quarries run of the summer....

this year we jumped off the higher rocks
and we used the rope swing
and we hung out on the floating log
pretty exciting stuff!

 But, the coolest part of all was when dad jumped!

It took a bit of contemplation on his part

It's funny how the distance looks greater at 53 than it did at 17!

 But he was pretty pleased with himself

and then we turned toward home....