19 August

My mum had an impromptu lobster dinner the other night

Joe and I, my brother and his girlfriend, and my mum

It was delicious!!

Before we went to my mum's house 

we went to one of the rocky beaches in Marblehead.

Screeching Lady's Cove....

so named because a very long time ago

a woman who had been captured by pirates

escaped one night when the pirates put ashore

and after drinking and pillaging the village of Marblehead

they came back and found her on the beach and killed her

to this day on stormy nights she can be heard screaming

is a link to the story

There were a great many hermit crabs....

I didn't get a photo of any of them, but I did capture the hunt.

I was standing knee deep in the water when I took this picture

of the lighthouse across the harbor.

It happened that there were a great many boats in the water that afternoon.

There may have been a race going on...I'm not sure.

But there were very pretty to look at.


  1. An impromptu lobster dinner sounds like a feast to me!

  2. Loved your seaside photos, especially the last one! Looks like a wonderful afternoon for everyone, especially those two in the water!


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