6 may

I walked the woodland on Beltaine....

which was pretty much the last time it wasn't raining and cold around here...

beautiful Periwinkle growing up an old oak tree

it will look so pretty in flower

tufts of bright green grass popping up at the edge of the trail

As I came out of the trail on onto the path homeward

I heard a woodpecker in the bullrushes pecking away
I am still loving my new job.

And, we were gifted with Red Sox tickets for teacher appreciation!

My mother is hosting a Mother's Day gathering on Saturday instead of Sunday.

My sister will be here from Connecticut and my daughters will be there as well!

Friday fave fives
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  1. Sounds like a beautiful place! Visiting from Living to Tell the Story! Hope to see you again soon!
    Happy Mother's day! And, endjoy those tickets!

  2. Lovely photos. Have a wonderful get together with your family.

  3. Lovely photos, and those tickets are a nice teacher appreciation gift! Hope you have a great visit with your family.

  4. I enjoyed your lovely nature photos so much! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm happy for you that you are loving your new job. Liking where we work is so vital!

    Have a wonderful Saturday with your mother, sister and daughters.

  5. Hope you enjoyed your celebration. I like that last wood pecker shot immensely.

  6. Happy Mother's Day! I know you celebrated yesterday, as did I.
    Your walk on Beltaine was beautiful..I am going to google it and find out more about the area.

  7. I hope your Mother's day was wonderful. So nice that your sister and daughters could make it! Love the woodpecker picture. We have a pair around our house here but they are not so colorful.


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