2 may

a study in toadstools
the random

just around the bend in the woodland path

there are clumps of toadstools

the good....me and Joe 

we're good

the fun

I caught a picture of a robin eating a worm the other day!

It's not exactly in focus but it's still a pretty good action shot

and while I admit it probably wasn't the best of fun for the worm

the robin and I had fun!


  1. Wow! Wonderful images! I've always been fascinated by fungi! And I LOVE robins!

  2. I love toadstools. And robins. And fun.

  3. I am impressed you got the robin eating a worm. Great toadstools too.

  4. Hello, pretty post and images. The toadstools are neat. Great shot of your and Joe. The robin photo is wonderful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Love your study of the toadstools! And always heartwarming to see a happy couple! Many thanks for making this post as a part of SEASONS! Love the way you go about your posts and can't wait to see yours for next week:) Have a happy one (this)week!

  6. Oh robins...you just gotta love them!

  7. Lovely photos.
    Have a Happy Week ahead.
    Peace :)

  8. Love those mushroom images!


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