22 April

We have had some Right whales (Baleen whales)

swimming around in the waters on our rather tiny island!

We could see them from our living room windows!

There are only between 350 and 500 of them left.....

The weather here has been beautiful these past few days...

if you like warm sunny days in the 70s!

I have been spending my lunch hours walking Beacon hill

and through the Boston Commons into the Public Gardens!

There are lots of things in bloom.

pretty sweet.

I am spending Saturday with a few girlfriends who I haven't seen for a while

We are meeting in Boston to do some shopping and have lunch.


I got home after a staff meeting at work 

to see a beautiful full moon shining in the window at my desk.

It was so pretty. 


  1. Nice shot of the moon. Have fun with your friends and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Lovely post. How lucky that you can whale watch from home! Enjoy your time with the gal pals! Did you make that mobile? Is it pieces of drift wood? Very nice! Aloha.

    1. Yes I did make it and it is pieces of driftwood and shells that I found on the beach. Thank you.

  3. Wow, how cool to see the whales from your window!

    I love this time of year - the temperatures, seeing things blooming.

    Looks like you had a great week!

  4. Yay for Boston!! two years ago we were there for our spring break and loved walking in the Commons and the Public Gardens...i got some awesome pics. This year, (spring break officially started at 3 pm today!!) my youngest daughter and I will be visiting Philadelphia to do a college visit and then heading out to Lancaster Co area to explore Amish country (but i'd rather be in Boston!). Enjoy the weekend!!

  5. How beautiful and amazing to be able to see whales from your window!!!

  6. Oh, who doesn't like warmth and sunshine and moonshine?! And to see whales right outside one's window...how awesome!

  7. You live in a wonderful and beautiful place--whales and full moons from your living room windows. I love that driftwood hanging decoration, too.


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