15 April

this is where I wait for the bus to work in the morning

and it's right across the street from my house.

Even when there is an icy wind blowing up my back off the Atlantic

it's a pretty sweet spot.


It's a long weekend here in Massachusetts.

We make a pretty big deal out of Patriot's Day.

it's marathon Monday and any kind of business that isn't 

marathon related is pretty much shut down

so...that means a long weekend for me! Yay!!

My weather app tells me it's going to be much warmer this week!

My sister is coming to visit from Connecticut this weekend. 

I am happy to have the chance to see her. 


the dogwoods are in bloom in Beacon Hill.

so pretty


  1. Beautiful shots of life at your fingertips, friend ...

    Weekend joys to you and your sister!

  2. It sure looks like a sweet place to sit and wait for the bus. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Oh lots to be happy about there. Enjoy your visit with your sister and have a great, long, weekend.

  4. What a sweet waiting spot! Enjoy your time off and your sister's visit!

  5. I miss going to Boston a few times a year now that our oldest has graduated from Gordon College! (Wenham). BUT...our youngest is now looking at BU, BC, and Brandeis ....so...we will be back!! Do you attend the marathon or do you stay away?? we just love boston....hopefully my oldest will get a job there at some point...it's her dream. Happy weekend!!

  6. If I had to wait for a bus that looks like a most lovely spot to do so. I think I'd be doing a lot of daydreaming there. Enjoy that visit with your sis!

  7. These are great faves, just little things from the week. I'd love a close bus stop with a great view. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

  8. Dogwoods are beautiful.
    Thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme. I look forward to your contribution this week.


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