My beautiful step-daughter Ashley

she died on Sunday from a drug related overdose

She was 22

Her father and I divorced in 2011 and I hadn't seen her since that time

But my love for her never wavered

I am overwhelmed with sadness to think that she will never walk this earth again

she was kind
full of fun
loved life
loved to be active
playing  hockey
indoor socker
entertaining her friends and family

she was the first to call out and get the whole group
swimming out to the dock
or playing a game of manhunt (hide and seek)
playing a game of basketball
she was smart and intelligent

she made me laugh
she made me cry

the drugs do not define her
her life defines her

i will always have a hole in my heart 
where she once was 

How much tragedy has to happen before we split wide open?

won't you come with me and see the beauty of
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  1. my heart hurts over the loss of this precious one.

  2. Oh, Kara, I am so sorry. What a heartbreaking, senseless tragedy. Words always seem so useless at a time like this. ((((hugs))))

  3. I am so sorry to hear of this great loss. Drugs are truly, truly the scourge of our country and yours. Most of the people with whom I work are addicted, and it's said that if they aren't addicted when they enter the system they soon will be. Children, adults, seniors - there are no limits to the horror of drugs. I hope you are able to find some peace at such a hard time.

  4. How sad to hear about your step-daughter. Praying for comfort.

  5. What an incredibly sad time for you!

  6. I am so sorry, I wish there was a solution to the drug issues of today. I have a daughter in medicine and a son in law in law enforcement and the stories I hear are heartbreaking. You have given her a lovely memorial here.

  7. Oh dear Kara ... I am so very sorry for such a deep, deep loss. Sometimes there are no words ... all I can do is lift you up in prayer ...

  8. I am sorry for this beautiful bright girl's loss. What a pity!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Oh Kara...I feel your pain. And I am sending you my very best intentions for peace. I will keep you and Ashley in my thoughts and prayers. And may the Aloha Spirit prevail as you go about your day. Peace be with you!

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss and your profound grief. May God comfort you in your brokenness!

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. You're in my thoughts.

  12. A beautiful young woman, a tendered and fitting tribute from one who loved her well and blesses all who have known similar loss....Prayers for your family


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