how do you do

All the politicians singing how do you do

they all want to be my friend

they all want a piece o' me

on and on and on they drone....

you believe that shit??

we might be able to hike through the city

but  we ain't gonna be able to cross the ramp

they got the law on their side....

that's why they make the big bucks

see...I figure 1% of 100 may not seem like much....

but 99% of nothin's still nothin'

I got wolves baying  in close and chopping at my heels....

 only one match left to light the darkness


  1. I like this. It's full of angst, backed by truth and hard earned wisdom.


  2. Hold the match for a while, sweetie, before you light it.
    Hope lies in knowing there's still one there.
    The politicians may swing withe wind and nip at our heels,
    and the truth is as you wrote it:
    1% of 100 ain't much.
    But at least we got that.

    March on, I say, march on.

    Great piece. Peace,

  3. Best not to trust politicians or rattlesnakes. Leave you to judge the rest.

  4. One match left in the current climate of the world sends shivers down my spine - although Trump may have one use - that fake tan has to glow in the dark!

  5. These excellent words are oh so very true, over here politicians are the same.

  6. It's been hard, being nothin'.

    I like this. ♥


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