18 january

the good

From the archives -February of 2014. 

Our little kitchen and the snowy weather out the window.

It looks so cozy and sweet.

the random

In October we went to the open house at the UMass marine center 

here in Nahant.  Among the many child friendly activities

was making a seaweed drying press.

This is a macro picture of what we pressed....

I know -you are completely blown away...it's that impressive.

the fun

the first sorta-real snowstorm of the year...the first snow that has stuck anyway, 
here on this rather tiny island. 

And, it's a holiday...calls for a little warming drink if you ask me.


  1. I'm also enjoying the snow!

  2. The scene from your home just fills me with warmth!

  3. The seaweed press has a great indigo color. Your warm drink looks good to me.

  4. love that little scene... a moment captured...

  5. Your kitchen does look so cozy!

  6. I agree with Tamar! what a cozy kitchen! at first glance I thought that purple plant was lavender. what an interesting piece of seaweed. Don't think we have that on the West Coast?

  7. home, sweet, warm cozy home ...


  8. The first and last pictures convey such a sense of warmth and cosiness!

  9. Your home looks so cozy and appealing and warm!

  10. Very nice. Cozy kitchen, and I agree you should stay warm with the storm. Love the macro shot.


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