3 December

1). I learned that our children grow up, become adults, suffer serious hurt in ways we cannot protect them from. A few weeks ago my daughter suffered a miscarriage. I went with her to the ultrasound and when the midwife said she was sorry...there was no heartbeat....my poor sweet daughter, who is nothing but goodness, broke into tears and sobbed and sobbed. We just sat there crying. She cried for the loss of her dreams for the tiny life inside of her. I cried for the loss of my daughter's innocence. She is forever changed now.
I learned that our children grow up in many ways.

2). I learned that there are people who are a constant roller-coaster of emotions...up and down...around and around. They cause all kinds of havoc and chaos. I don't need to take that ride.

3). I learned that it is possible to pick up and start again no matter where you are.

4). I learned that budgeting money is something I am good at....I wish I had a bit more of it to budget...

5). I learned that there are hearts all over the natural world....you just have to look for them. 

love is all around



  1. I am so sorry for your daughter's (and your) loss. And yes, there are heart everywhere...

  2. This was so beautiful. So sorry your daughter had to go through that!

  3. praying for you, and your precious daughter

  4. Very sorry to hear of your daughters loss..is surprising where we find hearts.

  5. I'm sending you a big big hug.

  6. So sorry. When all my kids were little, a woman who sits in front of me at church heard me sighing about some . . . thing -- I don't remember what. She gave me words that I remember now with longing now that my kids are growing up so fast: "Little people. Little problems." We so need the grace of God to help us be helpful to our kids as they begin to experience tragedy.

  7. We need to distance ourself from certain people. My counselor is like accept that is who they are but keep their chaos over there not near you.


  8. Oh my heart hurts for your daughter and her baby gone too soon. I hope that God brings her the comfort she needs and I'm so thankful that HE has given her a Mother to be part of that.


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