11 December

the kitchen hutch

dressed for the season


We have a present or two

here and there around the house

I enjoy wrapping and I do it as I go

so it isn't a chore on Christmas Eve


Once every other year or so

my sister and I and three of our cousins

do a cousin's weekend

we do a little shopping, a little eating,

and a lot of laughing!


Every year Marblehead, MA has a great little Christmas parade

on the first Saturday of December

This guy -whose name escapes me -

always makes an appearance

I love Christmas music

I have it tuned into  the radio in my car...

I love hearing it in the market

I even sing along as I shop

and people like it....they tell me it cheers them up to hear me singing.

and they don't even sound sarcastic!


Friday fave fives
faith and fellowship
Friday my town shoot out
soulfood friday 


  1. your hutch is just too fun, Kara! love the little yellow scale!


  2. How nice that Rudolph and the Gingerbread Man made an appearance for your cousins weekend. :) What a lovely tradition it is to have such a weekend every-now-and-then.

    LOVE your decorated hutch - it is so festive and homey. I bet some of the pieces have a story behind them.

    DUH! What a smart idea to wrap as you go. I should have done that when I wrapped. Now I do gift bags so that doesn't take long.

    I LOVE Christmas music, too. Although I don't sing in stores, I do sing in the car. Being around happy people is uplifting. So I would smile at you if I heard you singing in the shop.

    Have a great week, Kara.

  3. That looks like a fun outing.

  4. Oh, good for you for singing audibly. Maybe I need to drop my inhibitions a tad . . . just for this time of year!

  5. Christmas music made my faves list this week, too. The cousins get-together sounds like a lot of fun! I don't quite wrap as I go, but I do do it in sessions so it's not a big job all at once.

  6. How fun to get together with cousins to shop! I can definitely see family resemblance amongst the group of lovely ladies. Love your hutch decorating.

  7. wonderful.

  8. I love Christmas music too............how fun to get together with your cousins. I wrapped as I went this year too because it has been crazy busy at our house with ballet productions and driving back and forth to rehearsals....but all the gifts are bought and wrapped and now I can start baking after work in the evenings! Enjoy the week!

  9. Beautiful beautiful hutch!
    I like that idea of singing in the market.
    You live in a wonderful place--your town parade looks wonderful.

  10. What a lovely tradition, going shopping with your sister and cousins :)


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