9 November

the good

yellow berries in the wood

the random 

What the Salem water front will look like in a few weeks

this picture is from a few years ago.

the fun

freestyle scrabble 

with a vintage milk glass vase full of

Chinese Lanterns

in the morning sunlight
After the boys leave I often see new words that they wrote on the sly

while they where here.

Last week I noticed the word Poop

spelled out using a P from another word....pretty funny if you ask me.

Mosaic Monday
The good, the random, the fun
sharing his beauty
Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing
In a vase on Monday 
macro monday 2
nature footstep catching light


  1. Good morning, I love the pretty sunlight and chinese lanterns. The Rigging shed is cool, great texture. Wonderful images and post. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the scrabble idea!

  3. These are all great - I am ready for winter!!

  4. Smiling. Most years I scrabblize the words "Give Thanks" somewhere in the month of November, and my boys fiddle with it. Even my big guy, married, with a boy of his own can't resist messing with my messages. Life with boys . . .

  5. LOL !! pretty photos and a nice laugh :)

  6. Kids! At Christmastime, I used to put up large wood letters that spelled NOEL. My kids would invariably change them to read LENO or LEON. Love that Chinese lantern photo!

  7. Love those pictures. They truly capture the spirit of simplicity.

  8. Your pictures set a mood and do look like winter is coming. Love the scrabble messages!

  9. gorgeous gorgeous start to the week. thank, Kara ... this is a quieting place to visit!


  10. I always enjoy your beautiful photos! Visiting from Making Your Home Sing. Blessings!

  11. Are those crabapples!? They are beautiful!

  12. 'Twas good to stop by and visit with you today, sweet friend. I hadn't had a chance to come by in quite a while...I leave refreshed, as usual. :) I trust all is well with you and yours!

  13. What a pretty vase of chinese lanterns ... they look stunning in the white vase. And I like the freestyle Scrabble game. Your lads must have been laughing up their sleeves imaging when you read their latest addition. Haha

    Wishing you a beautiful Monday ... it's snowy here this morning.

  14. What a pretty window! I raised four boys and know what fun they can be! Enjoy your day! Your berries look a bit like the persimmons I posted today. Hugs!

  15. Beautiful November pictures, dear Kara!!! I love the colours, the mood and the light in your sensitive pictures!!!
    I hope you enjoy a wonderful time and beautiful Autumn days!!!
    Lots of love and light
    Katrin :)

  16. Your photos are to me like poems; they capture something deep and lovely about the way you see life.
    It sounds like you had a fun weekend with your family. ♥

  17. I like the game of scrabble laid out for the one photo and the yellow berries look like tiny apples.

  18. I like all your shots. The barn is really great and the berries and orange flowers are pretty. The scrabble shot is quite unique.

  19. Still some good and pretty things to see!

  20. That photo of the yellow berries is a keeper. Lovely.

  21. I like the idea of your scrabble game that sounds like fun, and a little bit mischievous!

  22. Love the yellow berries and such serene lovely autumnal scenes.

  23. I love the watercolour quality appeal of your images. I also love the sweater you have on in your banner. Have a lovely~

  24. Those yellow berries are delightful. And love the character in the weathered old shed.


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