poem for a Saturday in October


Mist in the morning,
Raw and nippy,
Leaves on the pavement,
Wet and slippy.

Sun on fire
Behind the trees,
Muddy boots,
Muddy knees.

Shop windows,
Lihted early,
Soaking grass,
Dewy, pearly.

Red, lemon,
Orange and brown,
silently, softly,
The leaves float down.

~Shirley Hughes

When Hannah and Bonnie were young girls this was one of our favorite story books. Poems and beautiful illustrations around the seasons. 


  1. I've never heard of this book or author but will be looking her up now. Beautiful poem about my favorite season.

  2. I'm glad you liked it Kathy. The book is called Out and About and it is written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

  3. Sweet little poem and I love the watercolor :)

  4. Really lovely and delightful read.

  5. I had never read that before. It's so fitting for the season. Happy you included it in your posting.

  6. beautiful poem and illustration

  7. We were reading that book this weekend, we love it!


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