2 October

this is the secret path between dog beach and the road that leads to the causeway off island

There is a beach just down and to the left of the path

and a road just up and to the right

but for some reason, when you are on the path, it's like you are in your own private world

lemon yellow coloured leaves are beginning to litter the ground

I carry some home with me because they are so pretty

they grace my table top for a day or two....

Last Friday my sister and I met half-way between where she lives in Connecticut

and where I live in Massachusetts.

We ended up in Grafton, MA

which was a sweet little town with a common green

and an old fashioned country store.

We sat for a coffee in the cafe at the country store

and then picnicked in the town green.

People have been particularly friendly lately.

Have you noticed it where you live?

This gentleman stopped to tell me all about his gardening project in Grafton.

He's organized a volunteer team to pretty up the area around the tiny downtown area

We have stormy weather coming...in fact it's been rainy and windy for a few days now

We have lit the first fire of the season 
and have begun the drawing close that happens when the weather turns.


  1. i love those secret pathways that wind and bend and take us someplace magical ...

    may this weekend take you on yet another journey, Kara.

  2. Really great autumnal shots from your corner of the world.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Pretty leaves - what a lovely idea to let them live out the rest of their time on your table.

  4. Grafton MA!! We have been through there!! and i live about 20 west of Grafton NY which is just near the VT and MA border of NY......both are tiny pretty towns. Enjoy the start of the autumn.....I love curling up with a fleece blanket and a book on these rainy, chilly nights.

  5. beautiful pathway! looks magical!

  6. The photo of your secret path is intriguing. I certainly want to explore to see what's around the corner.
    When we lived in England, my kiddos and I took a shortcut through the woods to get to their school. I felt like it was a private world, too.

    Our trees are starting to drop many of their leaves - all yellows. Not too many tress around here with other colours

    Your time with your sister sounded so homey and refreshing. I hope your weekend is also refreshing.

  7. I love pictures of paths. I always want to crawl in them and see where it leads. You live in a lovely town. Our leaves have definitely started the "fall" and it is snowing in parts of the province. The temp has dropped about 20 degrees c from yesterday. Brrrr.

  8. We have lots of rain and wind in South Carolina. I hope it doesn't blow the leaves off the trees before we get to enjoy the fall colors. I love your descriptions and writing. :)

  9. I love paths like that--ones where you step on to it and feel like you are in a private world.
    Fires on the hearth, meeting your sister, friendly people. Those are true blessings in a week.

  10. Wow, you've managed to check off a bunch of memes with one post! The path shot is very serene.

  11. What a wonderful selection of images!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme!


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