15 October

just before Joe left for work the other evening

we took a walk along short beach

There is probably nothing I can say about

walking along the beach, with your man, at sunset

that hasn't been said already.



  1. ain't that the truth ... and the skies have been oh-so-glorious on some of those evenings and our Massachusetts coastline!

    i'm grateful!


  2. Sounds heavenly! I love to walk on the beach, beautiful sky! Have a happy day!

  3. Beautiful shot of nature at work. The house looks securely tucked away!

  4. Thank you so much, for your comment on my post, on wanting magic.

    Thank you...


  5. Yes, I know that feeling and cherish every memory of walking on the beach with my love.

  6. ahhhh indeed, how perfectly perfect



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Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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