rainy day

It's pouring rain here and I can hear thunder in the distance. It shall be rainy all day.

These are some of my favorite kinds of days to be sure.

We are expecting stormy weather for the next two or three days....

I am making steady progress on the Autumn cross stitch

and will not start any other project till this one is finished -

no matter how much I may be day dreaming of that beautiful pink yarn in the basket...

I am very close to completing all of the pumpkins with just a few more bits here and there to go.

I think I shall be able to do those tonight.

After that is just the other half of the fence posts!

It will probably take me a week or so to stitch all the outlining

I am hoping to be done by mid October.

I've pulled out my copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for the coffee table.

It's beautifully illustrated by Will Moses.

There are a few other Autumn-ish books that I will pull from around the house.

I like a stack of them in plain view during the season.

they remind me of times with my daughters when they were small. 

I hope the weather is not so blustery where ever you are...

or if it is, I hope you are able to enjoy it just the same.

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  1. Great job so far. Can't wait to see the finish. We have just gotten a break from the rain here and I had hoped to go out, but I cannot find my keys... what better excuse to sit here and read blogs! Have a lovely Wednesday!

  2. Your daughters are so adorable! You are very clever, creating this beautiful stitch work. Your weather is a bit like ours now. Windy, sunny and cold in the morning.
    Thanks for your visit. The brick building is the town wall surrounding the town of Leerdam. 500 years ago all cities were granted the right to build a wall around the town for protection. There are still many cities with town walls or remnants of walls.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Happy stitching! Your pumpkins look wonderful - and the photo of your daughters is so sweet! How old are they now?
    Thanks for your nice words to my Ireland-report! Do you have Irish ancestors?
    Lots of hugs from Austria

    1. My daughters are 24 and 27 now...I can hardly believe that so much time has passed by so quickly. I do have Irish ancestors. My mother is all Irish and my father is Irish and Scottish.

  4. Such cute girls!! I admire your tenacity in sticking with just one project - I am not nearly as disciplined..... :-)

  5. pumpkins look good. your daughters are precious


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