9 September

I am still working on the Autumn quilts counted cross stitch

I did some work on it last night when I was feeling rather tired

let's just say mistakes were made

after I'd ripped about a half hours worth of work out I decided to put it down and get some rest

 the boys were with us this week and I was reading from 

The Indian in the Cupboard Returns

We have The Field Guide to Atlantic Seashore Crabs out on the porch

I picked it up at the library book sale and actually thumb through it rather often.


  1. i used to love doing cross stitch ... sadly, other things have come to occupy my time instead {like being online?!}

    but i do have several special pieces hung here and there. my favorite is a sampler done in 1984.

    gee i'm getting old ...


  2. What you posted looks skillfully done to me! Amazing how fatigue can interfere with activities; wise to put the craft away and read instead.

  3. How annoying to have to rip out your work. It is looking lovely though. I love nature guides too - there is always something interesting.

  4. That is a beautiful cross stitch! I'm picky about patterns, no painted lady cross stitch for me - those quilts are great! Hope you got good rest and are back to stitching today!

  5. I'm impressed that you can do cross stitch at all. It looks lovely to me.

  6. That's a beautiful pattern - I think I have it somewhere in my stash........ :-)


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