1 October

last weekend was the St. Vincent De Paul Yard sale

at St. Tom's church here on this rather tiny island

I managed to stumble across something I've been hoping to find for years and years

a beautiful old hutch (Welsh dresser)

priced for a song

I spied it  tucked away in the back of the church shed

covered in dust bunnies and spider webs

I quickly handed over my money and started figuring out how to fit it into my car

It took me three trips around the corner to my house...

one trip to clean out the snorkeling gear, beach towels, sand pails and various other summer supplies

one trip to bring the bottom section, and the last trip to bring the top section

I managed to carry everything up to our flat on the second floor

while Joe was sleeping (he works the night shift)

I got it all cleaned up and set about making it look like it was part of the family

Isn't it funny how just one thing can inspire a creative streak in a person.

In order to fit the hutch in the kitchen I had to move the antique bureau that was there -

which meant I had to move the living room chair which was sitting

where the bureau would go.
This is what the bureau looks like in the living room.
I know that some may think it odd to have a bureau in the living room

but I like it

It's really a perfect spot for storing little blanket to toss over chilly shoulders in mid-winter

and crayons, water-colours, and construction paper

I am honored to be featured today
 over at Share your cup Thursday 

I love visiting there on Thursdays.

I always get such great ideas for decorating my home. 

It's my goal this season to take more pictures indoors.

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  1. That's so exciting! I love it when the perfect thing falls into your lap. Well done. It's gorgeous. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. What a find!! That is so lovely!

  3. Gorgeous piece of furniture. I love the way you have decorated it.

  4. It is beautiful! You have done an awesome job at making it feel right at home!

  5. What a lovely piece


  6. I have a wonderful bureau in my living room that holds all my stationery, letter writing supplies and paper crafts. It fits right in. What a wonderful find. I am so glad your hutch has a new home.

  7. It is just fabulous. We have a St. Vincent De Paul yard sale in our town too and I was going to be sad if I missed out on that. We aren't a tiny island, though. We are a big suburban community. I love how you styled it. Found you through Jann's party.

  8. What a fabulous hutch! Glad that you were able to get it home. They say, third times the charm! lol! Looks great and I really like the bureau in the living room. Thanks for the sweet comments about SYC. And thanks for sharing again this week!

  9. What a beautiful piece of furniture, so lucky you rescued it! It looks great in your kitchen. A wonderful chest can fit in any room, they are so useful for extra storage. We had a wonderful St Vincent De Paul thrift store in Green Bay when I lived there, found a lot of amazing things there. Came over for a visit from Jann's. Have enjoyed browsing thru!


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